01.06.2009   Alter: 10 yrs
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Talking Drugs - Release's new multi-lingual website for sharing your stories

TalkingDrugs is exactly that – let’s talk about drugs. There is a huge, largely untapped audience of ordinary people around the world whose communities are being let down by failing drug policies. We believe that many of these people would like to see more economically and socially sustainable strategies for the control of illicit drugs. TalkingDrugs will harness the immense power of these everyday human voices, bringing the issues alive through the recounting of their own experiences. The use of humour and satire will be key to engaging a wide variety of people who may, up to now, never have given this subject much thought. The Internet makes possible the global sharing of these narratives, encouraging the development of a cohesive and powerful voice through the use of video, photographs and multi-lingual text, allowing geographically and linguistically separated communities to communicate and interact. (Release, 03.03.2009)